October 2020

Mailboxes in Wedderburn, OR

Wedderburn mailbbox

Wedderburn Mailboxes

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94221 N Bank Rogue

Public Collection Box
Wedderburn, OR 97491

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2486 Highway 99 N

Cpu Kc Trailer Srvi & Spply
Alvadore, OR 97402

1499 Highway 101 S

Gardiner, OR 97467

91337 Taylor

Public Collection Box
Blue River, OR 97413

3996 Cougar Ln

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Agness, OR 97406

90828 Railroad St

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Cheshire, OR 97409

47395 Westoak Rd

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Westfir, OR 97492

105 12 Th St Se

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Bandon, OR 97411

514 Ash St

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Coquille, OR 97458

92162 Marcola Rd

Public Collection Box
Marcola, OR 97454

27490 Tiller Trail Hwy

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Tiller, OR 97484

4701 Highway 101

Fred Meyer
Westlake, OR 97439

35346 State Highway 38

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Scottsburg, OR 97473

320 Central Ave

Public Collection Box
Coos Bay, OR 97420

19443 N Umpqua Hwy

Public Collection Box
Glide, OR 97443

711 Spruce St

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Smith River, CA 97415

9455 Old Hwy 99 S

Public Collection Box
Dillard, OR 97432

80229 Territorial Rd

Public Collection Box
Lorane, OR 97451

204 Smith St

Public Collection Box
Junction City, OR 97446

22528 Highway 126

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Walton, OR 97461

94262 2 Nd St

Mailbox in Post Office Lobby
Langlois, OR 97450

Finding a mailbox in Wedderburn can be overwhelming, but your search doesn’t have to be. If you are looking for a mailbox in Wedderburn, you have options.

Wedderburn is an unincorporated coastal community in Curry County, Oregon, United States. It is to the north of, and across the mouth of the Rogue River from Gold Beach, on U.S. Route 101. The Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge connects Wedderburn with Gold Beach. Wedderburn was founded by R. D. Hume, a prominent local businessman in the fishing industry, who named the community after the home of his ancestors, Wedderburn Castle in Scotland. Wedderburn post office was established in 1895.Wedderburn was originally a company town for Hume's salmon fishing monopoly, and besides his fishing fleet, he ran Wedderburn's cannery, store, race track and cold storage plant. Hume had settled at the mouth of the Rogue in 1876, and he eventually owned all the land on both banks of the river from the Pacific Ocean to the head of the tidewater.

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