When to Mail a Letter

While you might be tempted to convey your message quickly, sometimes a letter can go a long way. Plus, if you mail a letter, it can show the recipient that you truly care about them. So if you're curious about when the right time to mail a letter is, pay close attention, because we have the answers for you.

Do people still mail letters?

With all of the communication we have access to in this day and age, it can be tempting to do things the easy way. Forms of communication like text messages, phone calls, and emails, have all reduced the need for people to send letters to one another anymore. Isn't that kind of a sad thing?

So is there still a use for putting pen to paper the old fashioned way? Do letters still hold value in this day and age?

Learn how to mail a letter.

So without wasting anymore of your precious time, let's dive right in, and take a look at the right times to mail a letter. Plus, believe it or not, some of the answers might surprise you.

Wishing someone a happy holiday or a special event

When it comes to birthdays, holidays, and even anniversaries, a letter can go a very long way. If you want to leave an impact on someone special, or give a friendly seasonal greeting, mailing a letter is the best way to accomplish this. So let's take a look at a few special occasions where mailing a letter is a great option.


When it comes to the holidays, while an email might do, people appreciate it when you mail a letter. Now while it might seem like a bit of a hassle, there is no need to worry. If you mail a letter for the holidays this season, feel free to get creative.

Some great ideas you can follow are:

  • Adding a picture of the whole family
  • Getting the pets involved in the picture process
  • Sending a handwritten card
  • Adding magnets to the letter
  • Get creative with festive stamps

If you really want to make someone feel special this holiday season, you'll want to mail a letter. Not only will it get the job done, but there will be a smile on the receiving end.


Mailing a letter to someone on their birthday is also a great idea, because each and every birthday is special. While receiving a birthday card might not seem special, that's probably because you've been receiving them for quite some time. Think about it… if they suddenly stopped coming in, how would you feel?

Therefore, if you want to make someone feel special on their birthday this year, make sure you mail a letter or card. Taking time out of your day to brighten theirs will go a long way, and will definitely leave an impact.

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Anniversaries, both personal and for family

If you love someone, and have been in love with them for at least a year or two, how have you been showing them? Sure, you can spend money to get the job done, but love has no real financial value. Therefore, some of the best ways to show someone you care is to give them some of your time. While it might seem like a hassle, having a special letter arrive on your anniversary can really go a long way.

A great way to leave your spouse happy is to make it a surprise, so you can try:

  • Mailing a letter to their job
  • Having it arrive while you're away at work
  • Mailing a letter attached to a breathtaking bouquet of flowers

So while it might not seem worth it to mail a letter for your own anniversary, it can definitely come in handy. Also, if you have parents or other family members who have anniversaries coming up, why not mail a letter to them too?

This might sound repetitive, but trust me, you'll impress every single person that receives one. You can never mail too many letters, so don't worry about getting under anyone's skin.

Saying thank you

A thank you letter can go a long way, and this can even apply more so in the business world. Think about it: how much would it mean to a client to receive something mailed as opposed to an email? So let's take a look at when a good time to mail a letter is, when it comes to saying thank you.

Closing business with a client

If you're in the world of business, you'd really be surprised to find out just how much of an impact a thank you letter can have. Closing a client is only the first part of the process, which means that you'll need to do some follow-up on the back end of things. If you mail a letter, it will show the client that you care, and can help you standout from the competition.

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Thanking people for attending your wedding

If you host a wedding, and plenty of guests arrive, chances are they'll be leaving you some pretty nice gifts behind. Sure, you hosted a great party, but you should definitely mail a thank you letter to everyone who attended. Not only will this leave a good impression, but it will make your guests feel like they were an important piece of your wedding. Plus, if you want to go the extra mile, try to mail a handwritten letter.

Thanking people for attending any other party or event

If you host any other events, or special gatherings, you might not feel like it's important to say thank you. While this may be true for smaller events, if you mail a letter to those who attend a specific event of yours, it will go a long way. Plus, if you might be hosting more events with similar people, it can increase the chances of them coming a second time. Not bad for a letter, right?

Milestones in life

No matter the occasion, when you mail a letter it makes a statement. This is why most wedding invitations are still handwritten as opposed to just sending one email to 100 recipients. Sure, it might seem easier to just go ahead and send an email, but think about the impact mailing a letter can have on your guests. So let's take a look at certain milestones where mailing a letter is a good idea.

Wedding invitations

If you've ever been to a wedding in the past few years, or in general, then you know that most invitations come in the form of a letter. Whether they're typed or handwritten depends on the person, but it's definitely a good idea to mail a letter for any wedding. While an email or text message could work here, you'll want your guests to feel special, right?


Many graduation parties these days, whether they're college level or below, just aren't sent with care anymore. If you want to make the event truly special, there is no better way to accomplish this than by mailing a letter. Not only will it show the guests that they matter to you, but it will also make the event feel much more exclusive.

Engagement party

An engagement party is going to be one of the most important parties you'll ever have. This means that you'll want to do it right, and just like a wedding invitation, you should definitely mail a letter for an engagement party. Sure, you could send an email, but don't you want those involved to feel special?

Baby shower

A baby shower a special time of your life, and everyone needs to know just how special it is. If you want to show your guests how important they are to you and your future child, or if you just want to make the event seem more exclusive, mailing a letter might be your best bet.

Bridal shower

The last event you'll want to know about is a bridal shower. Just like a baby shower or engagement party, you'll definitely want to mail a letter for this special occasion. It's a great way to make the guests feel included, and will definitely show them that you took the time out of your day to make each invitation count.

So while an email or text message may seem like a convenient and easy way to send out party invitations, if you want to make your guests feel special, you should definitely mail a letter.


When it comes to sending a letter, it can be a bit of a hassle these days. Communication has made it easy for people to communicate with one another without much thought. This is exactly why mailing a letter can be so impactful on the recipient. It shows you care. It shows that you took the time out of your day to sit down, think about what you wanted to say, and finally mail it out.

There are plenty of reasons to mail a letter, and while it might seem like a hassle, it can definitely go a long way. Why don't you give it a try, especially with the holiday season coming quickly.

Whether you're looking to make an impression, wish someone a happy holiday, or thank someone for their time, when you mail a letter it leaves an impact. An impact that will make the recipient remember you more than an email ever could. You can mail a letter in numerous ways, but if you really want to shock people, take the time to write it by hand.

Now that you know the value mailing a letter can bring to the recipient, who will you mail a letter to?